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A large entertainment company has been one of NBI’s clients for over 15 years.  We originally began work with them to maximize the efficiency of their existing offices  We  surveyed their current occupants’ workspace square-footage to determine if the space plan and furniture plan were optimal. 

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CLIENT | Entertainment Office Interior Design – We originally began work with them to maximize the efficiency of their existing offices  We  surveyed their current occupants’ workspace square-footage to determine if the space plan and furniture plan were optimal. 

Challenge:  We determined that the current style of furniture was preventing their executives from being able to utilize their offices for meetings and conferences, and they were having to meet with  clients in conference rooms instead of in their own offices.  This caused a log-jam of demand for conference rooms of which there were not enough, so  production inefficiencies and conflicts arose on a daily basis.which led to low morale and a tense environment.


Our solution, still being implemented for them today, was to design several typical furniture footprints  to accommodate the multiple sizes of offices to use as templates as the replacement furniture was required. 

We also added sit-stand bases for the desks.  Depending on the office size, we utilize either a round conference table or a bullet-surface desk.  If the office size is not adequate, we will use a bullet-surface desk to allow guests to sit at the end of the desk for conferencing.  We offer multiple storage and hutch options, and depending on the need, can furnish a lot of storage or minimal storage.  Since our furniture is component-part, we can customize each individual office while staying within the parameters of the typical.

We presented our solution after interviewing select users and managers.  We got a good feel for their vision of an efficient, smooth-running office without the kinds of distractions that were slowing things down, and our solution is still working to this day!  We are gradually replacing all of the old, inefficient furniture with 21st Century answers.

Follow Through Is Standard With Every Project.

We regularly bring sample furniture out to them so they can use our products in a normal work setting over a period of time to ensure that comfort and expectations are satisfied.  We will also have meetings with the individual end-user to be sure that they understand the function and operation of the item.

At NBI, we take pride in always being available to our clients.  Our goal is to get answers for our clientele as soon as possible, as we understand that everyone has deadlines to meet, and if we can respond quickly, then we are helping everyone along the chain to speed things up.  We have been doing this with this company for over 15 years, and haven’t let them down yet!


We stock locally the furniture they use so it is always readily available for them within days of ordering. 

We have remodeled over 60,000 square feet of office space for them, and the work is still ongoing. As they are in rapid growth mode, we are furnishing a brand new building of theirs currently, of about 15,000 square feet 

It is high-quality, super durable, and available in multiple finishes. At a very competitive price-point, the ongoing work is well-within their budget.  We supply all types of furniture for them, and we have a flexible-back stacker supplied to them for their large, multi-purpose meeting auditoriums.

On an on-going basis, we receive RFQs from them weekly, and our response time is the best in the industry.  We generate quotes for them usually within the hour, and always within the day. This is standard policy with NBI for all of our clients, and we take pride in never keeping our clients waiting! We receive a furniture plan drawing with each RFQ, and we check the request against the drawing and verify that everything has been accounted for, such as finish, dimension and spec. number.


Comprehensive Solutions

As the Orange County entertainment interior design experts serving Southern Ca. NBI is well-versed in working with team-oriented organizations, or individuals. We make a point to understand how each team member likes to operate, everyone having different methods and ways of doing things. We try to get this understanding right away, as making the process run smoothly is our ultimate goal. Our aim is to make each team member comfortable, and to make asking questions or making requests as easy as possible. We always let designers know that anything they can conceive of, we can make. With our line-up of local fabricators, we can design and produce custom sizes and shapes at non-custom prices! Our clients enjoy our flexibility of being able to make just about anything at a very reasonable cost.

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